Scouting Systems

There’s quite a number of different ways to find players on Football Manager. If you wanted to go looking there are lists a plenty on this here internet detailing best prospects, cheapest bargains, free transfers at the start of the game. You can use editors and the like to check the inner workings.

Or you can use the in-game scouting function, the more traditional approach shall we say. That’s what I’m interested in with this piece.

Before you read any further – I am very certain I don’t have all the answers. The limited success of my saves is proof of that. But I’m keen to share a couple of the little things I do, whilst also learning from the rest of the community on how to build on my approach to eke out just a few more of those value for money signings we all love.

If you’re looking for the basics or a refresher on scouting, these are well worth a visit

FM-Life Scouting Tips and Tricks (YouTube)

FM Inside – Signing and Assigning Scouts

FM Inside – Scouting Networks

EDIT: A couple of extra links I’ve stumbled across

Passion4FM – Utilize the Scouting Network

Passion4FM – Scouting Regions and Nations Youth Ratings

The detail from here is all based off my Valencia save (check it out! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) .

Valencia was the first time in many a recent save where I was blessed with the ability to hire a significant number of scouts.

It led me to a couple of realisations.

Using nicknames

I have a horrible memory and couldn’t remember the details for each scout. The answer – using nicknames to add their abilities. This meant whenever I was looking to scout a player, via the right click menu I could select the scout I wanted.


Scouting groups

The other addition to the nickname was a later development. With a large number of scouts I wanted to get coverage across the world, so I set about splitting the scouts up. The aim was to spread more numbers in the critical area with stronger scouts in the key regions. The addition of regions into the nickname again allowed for quick selection through the right click menu.

Lifting the veil – allocating the scouts

I’m interested in feedback for this approach. Is it better to scout countries rather than regions after some time setting up?

It would appear the other way to build knowledge is to hire a range of scouts from throughout the world regardless of their ability who will combine to have a higher knowledge range. This provides a larger pool through the Scouting / Player Search function, which then needs to be exploited by one or more high quality scouts. This seems a little like gaming the system from the inside for mine.

The other little practical things I’ve done on scouting are;

  • When do the youth intake day scouting, rather than scouting immediately from the list, I’ve been dumping the intake into a separate shortlist. You can then filter by available information, like value or specific attributes to provide some more focus to scouting the young’uns.
  •  Using the geographical system, filtering shortlists and player searches by continent makes it easier to pick out the scout to use.
  • Using notes as a reminder to check in on scouting assignments on a regular basis. This means identifying good prospects and getting the higher level scouts on each continent to scout in detail. These prospects then get shortlisted separately.

I’m keen to hear about the little things you do to make your scouting effective. Comment below or hit me up on the Twitter @artickle


3 thoughts on “Scouting Systems

  1. Really good read 😉 I like to use Screen Flow in the game and add to it some international and club competition so I can see statistics overview of several competitions where I can find some good youngsters and scout them. I wrote about it there –

    And the “nickname” way is very good idea.


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