#FMbeats – First quarter 2017

There are a hell of a lot of opinions that float around the FM community,  in relation to the game itself and the ecosystem around it.

But I present you with an inarguable truth. FM is better with music in the background.  So for something completely different I thought I’d summarise the albums that have been playing the background of my Valencia save for the first three months of 2017.

Run The Jewels 3 – Run The Jewels

This one sneaks in on a technicality. Released in late December, RTJ continued to build on the momentum from their first two releases. The video above holds one of my highlights from the album – Talk To Me, the other to check out is Stay Gold. A sense of humour with an emphasis on persona freedom to be and do whatever you want. Others have said it better, but to me they are a vital and important voice for today and the future.

Sick Scenes – Los Campesinos!

This one very much is a 2017 release. It’s sixth album from these guys, who I fell in love with living in London in 2008. Things have changed in the line up but lead singer and lyrcist Gareth is still the main man. Two very important points to note with Gareth – 1) Massive FM fan and 2) By extension, huge football fan with many songs littered with references.

An example is opening track on Sick Scenes, “Renato Dall’Ara (2008)” or as it is otherwise known as Bologna’s home ground. As it is described here on PopMatters

Elsewhere the song “Renato Dall’Ara, 2008” contrasts the changing fortunes of the England football team in two, era defining games, which also serves as a metaphor for the band themselves. The year 2008 in the title refers to a specific year in the band’s history,“I half jokingly say it’s our peak year. We would get recognized in the street in any major cities. We have always been happy to take the piss out of ourselves and that song is doing exactly that.”

You’ll find other references in A Portrait of the Trequartista as a Young Man from the album No Blues and  Three Lions from the album Hello Sadness.

Heartworms – The Shins

The Shins have changed a lot since their peak ten years ago. James Mercer is The Shins now. No new ground has really been broken on this one but more that Heartworms, the songs here are earworms.

The lead track is linked above and is one of my standouts, with Mildenhall a nice slower tune in the middle of the album.

In Mind – Real Estate

This one is perfect to flick on where you’re under a bit of pressure and need a win. Almost perfect background music. Another opening track is listed above in Darling. The other one I’d give a spin is Two Arrows – this one has a real Teenage Fanclub feel about it.

A decade ago…

There were some belters, possibly even modern classics, released in the same period ten years ago.

Wincing The Night Away – The Shins – Featured above, probably the peak of their powers.

A Weekend In The City – Bloc Party – Sophomore effort, that sits high up in their best work.

Neon Bible – Arcade Fire – A significant album of a significant band of the time.

Let us know what you’re listening to by using #FMbeats on Twitter or by commenting below.



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